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Punk Sunday at Glasslands
from The Roman Games Diary
Roman Elsener
NOVEMBER 23, 2009
Pretendo Press
"...a lot of fun if you like to see how a band makes the best of it and just goes for the soul of the rock, the mesmerizing moments of rhythm and harmony, as exemplified again by New York's most unpretentious trio, Pretendo." (Read Full Post)
Punk For A Sunday Night
from The Roman Games Diary
Roman Elsener
APRIL 7, 2009
Pretendo Press
"This is pure punk rock energy, high level power, combined with great singing and good lyrics. Watch out you hipsters and wanna-be A&Rs: Here's New York's best kept secret music trio..." (Read Full Post)
][ Pretendo - A Review
from All Music
by Rick Anderson

Pretendo Press
"Few bands as stylistically unfocused as Pretendo sound anywhere near as good and as exciting as Pretendo... Overall, this is possibly the best rock album ever to boast an average song length of more than five minutes." (Read Full Review)
Playing for the Peasants
from ACED Magazine
by Kait Silva

MAY 7, 2008
Pretendo Press
"...You are a failure at everything except singing Jackson Five songs and bass guitar! You have two choices: Go to military camp and fight with the Lebanese Army, or get out of the house and play music for the peasants." (Read Complete Interview)
Album Review: Pretendo ][
from Mammoth Press
by John-Michael Bond

APRIL 16, 2008
Pretendo Press
"...the devil is in the details and this band has the makes of a wicked devil...Writing songs with this much technical force in such a way that they never once feel like a chore to listen to is difficult and few bands are up to the task. Thankfully Pretendo never drop the ball in that regard." (Read Full Review)
Pretendo ][ - A Review
from PunkNews.Org
APRIL 15, 2008
Pretendo Press
"This NYC trio has a split personality. The first and more dominant personality is the angular, sometimes dancey but always upbeat one... The other personality is harder to define but perhaps more intriguing...Pretendo ][ is a well-crafted and recorded album...the eclectic batch of songs and alternating lead vocalists keep things interesting and the band has enough of their own tricks and skill to make this worth a listen." (Read Full Review)
Review: Pretendo ][
from the Weekly Dig
by Debbie Driscoll

MARCH 11, 2008
Pretendo Press
"Pretendo is a kind of straightforward rock that the members of the Liars probably made back in the '90s. Right from the jump, opener "Chronicle a Free Revolution" has ripping power-hooks, while later "A Smoking Pipe to Dance" definitely contains Unrest-like b.p.m. shifts. Ah, the '90s." (Read Full Review)
Review: Pretendo ][
from Rock and Roll
Meandering Nonsense
by Bob_Vinyl

MARCH 7, 2008
Pretendo Press
"They manage to draw a variety of small pieces from across decades into a sound that's very modern, allowing them to move forward into the future without abandoning the past. Even within a song, they manage to traverse influences." (Read Full Review)
Review: Pretendo ][
from ACED Magazine
by John Casquarelli

FEBRUARY 19, 2008
Pretendo Press
"Pretendo has put together an enjoyable collection (12 songs) of music for their new album...sure to please any and all fans of the post punk genre." (Read Full Review)
Pretendo ][ - A Review
from AndMoreAgain Blog
by Kathy Fennessy

JANUARY 26, 2008
Pretendo Press
"Pretendo's prog-oriented alt-rock is perfectly competent stuff. And competency takes skill." (Read Full Post)
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