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John Castro born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Atlantic Recording artist Joey Fingers and Appalachian-raised vocalist "Loretta". The family relocated to Las Vegas when John's brother won a national competition to perform in the Tropicana Hotel's Folies Bergere Latin Mambo sequence. Shortly thereafter, Castro's
father took him to meet a toupee-less Tony Bennet up in his Caesar's Palace penthouse. After paying his dues in the Las Vegas hardcore scene (aBeyance), and much later the college rock scene (Samson's Army, Lesser Dog), he relocated to San Diego to join a traveling circus show commonly referred to as The Rugburns where Castro got to wear Jewel's fringed suede jacket and Flea played his Fender P-bass on New Year's Eve. Chasing a dream to perform all 5 Rocky themes live, Castro moved to NYC to join Morricone Youth and later formed The DaoSon For. It wasn't until he bribed Steve Calhoon with stolen low carb bars to join his and E. Levins' latest project Pretendo that he realized he would much rather be pursuing his career as the world's shortest NBA basketball player.
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