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Devon E. Levins was born in Suffolk, Virginia in the shadow of Mr. PeanutĀ® but was quickly coerced by his parents to relocate to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada in a futile attempt to become a child star. After receiving a healthy dose of
radiological fallout fromthe nearby Nevada test site E. Levins met John Castro, another 4th grader who shared a strong affinity for KISS army merchandise and Carnation instant breakfast. After years of blazing through the 80's Las Vegas punk rock and the 90's San Diego indie rock scenes with Creedle, aMiniature, Rust and aBeyance, E. levins found himself in New York city in the 00's collaborating once again with Castro in Morricone Youth and the Daoson For. It wasn't until the two bribed Calhoon, a fellow KISS Army member, with tenth generation trouble funk live recordings that Pretendo, as we now know it, was fully realized. Unfortunately, E. levins shortly thereafter discovered that his old pal Castro had been routinely replacing his vocal parts for a number of years with those of Mike Patton once he would leave the studio each night. Returning one morning to overdub more redundant guitar tracks, E. Levins literally bumped into Patton after an all-night damage control session, spilling his essa bagel on him. Wharton Tiers was available to comment: "Why would I do that? Mike Patton is tone deaf and I own an eventide ultra-harmonizer!"
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